Jim Geier

Jim Geier has 30 years’ experience planning, designing, analyzing, and implementing communications systems, wireless networks, and mobile devices. Jim is founder and principal consultant of Wireless-Nets, Ltd., providing wireless analysis and design services to product manufacturers. He is also president and CEO and co-founder of Health Grade Networks, providing wireless network solutions to hospitals, airports, and manufacturing facilities. Jim is the author of more than a dozen books on mobile and wireless topics, including Designing and Deploying 802.11n Wireless Networks (Cisco Press), Implementing 802.1X Security Solutions (Wiley), Wireless Networking Handbook  (New Riders), and Network Re-engineering (McGraw-Hill). He has been an active participant in IEEE standards organizations, such as the IEEE 802.11 Working Group and the Wi-Fi Alliance. He has served as chairman of the IEEE Computer Society, Dayton Section, and various conferences. He has served as a testifying expert for patent litigation cases focusing on technologies dealing with wireless networking and cellular systems. You can e-mail Jim Geier at jimgeier@wireless-nets.com.