Justin Mann

Justin Mann, CCIE No. 27040, is a senior Business and Technology Architect with Cisco’s Advanced Services. Throughout his technical career that began in his teens, he has remained dedicated to understanding the business of his customers, even going so far as attending Sea-Survival and Helicopter Underwater Extraction Training (HUET) in support of oil and gas customers. This background allowed him to successfully lead the earliest Cisco engagements with customers seeking to transform their own IT organizations by following the work pioneered by Cisco IT. By working across IT and business teams at all levels, and over time across different industries and enterprises, Justin developed and refined the now-formal ITaaS framework and Services Transformation Program, allowing IT organizations to transition to end-to-end Services organizations and truly begin to operate IT like a competitive business.

During his free time, Justin is an adventure-traveler, book collector, and comic-book and videogame geek; he can be found on most weekends riding trails on his horse, Lucas. Whenever possible, Justin leverages his passion for travel and horseback riding to work with special-needs children both internationally and locally through a therapeutic horseback riding stable, ManeGait. A portion of the author’s proceeds will be donated to ManeGait, and we actively encourage, welcome, and sincerely appreciate donations from interested readers.