Shane Sexton

Shane Sexton has spent years learning and teaching all things IT. He holds CCNP Security, CND, CySA+, CCNA CyberOps, and numerous other certifications and has prepared thousands of students to take these exams. Shane earned bachelors degrees in technology management and liberal studies (and wishes hed taken fewer philosophy classes). He currently works as a network and system administrator at an MSP, where every day brings new learning opportunities. When hes not tackling IT emergencies, Shane practices piano, reads anything nonfiction, and expertly avoids family members with printer issues. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with three cats who have no respect for his property or the rule of law.

Raymond Lacoste has dedicated his career to developing the skills of those interested in IT. In 2001, he began to mentor hundreds of IT professionals pursuing their Cisco certification dreams. This role led to teaching Cisco courses full time. Raymond is currently a master instructor for Cisco Enterprise Routing and Switching, AWS, ITIL, and Cybersecurity at Stormwind Studios. Raymond treats all technologies as an escape room, working to uncover every mystery in the protocols he works with. Along this journey, Raymond has passed more than 120 exams, and his office wall includes certificates from Microsoft, Cisco, ISC2, ITIL, AWS, and CompTIA. If you were visualizing Raymonds office, youd probably expect the usual network equipment, certifications, and awards. Those certainly take up space, but they arent his pride and joy. Most impressive, at least to Raymond, is his gemstone and mineral collection; once he starts talking about it, he just cant stop. Who doesnt get excited by a wondrous barite specimen in a pyrite matrix? Raymond presently resides with his wife and two children in eastern Canada, where they experience many adventures together.