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CCIE Security v4.0 Quick Reference, 3rd Edition

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  • Copyright 2015
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 3rd
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-385508-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-385508-1

CCIE Security v4.0 Quick Reference provides you with detailed information, highlighting the key topics on the latest CCIE Security exam. This fact-filled Quick Reference allows you to get all-important information at a glance, helping you to focus your study on areas of weakness and to enhance memory retention of important concepts. With this book as your guide, you will reinforce your knowledge of and experience with implementation, maintenance, and support of extensive Cisco network security solutions. You will review topics on networking theory, security protocols, hash algorithms, data encryption standards, application protocols, security appliances, and security applications and solutions.

This book provides a comprehensive final review for candidates taking the CCIE Security v4.0 exam. It steps through exam objectives one-by-one, providing concise and accurate review for all topics. Using this book, you will be able to easily and effectively review test objectives without having to wade through numerous books and documents to find relevant content for final review.

Online Sample Chapter

CCIE Security v4.0 Quick Reference: Application and Infrastructure Security

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes first 5 pages of Chapter 3)

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Infrastructure, Connectivity, Communications, and Network Security 1

Networking Basics 1

    Ethernet in a Nutshell 3

    Bridging and Switching 3

    Bridge Port States 3

    EtherChannel and Trunking 4

IP Overview 4

    Subnetting, Variable-Length Subnet Masking, and Classless Interdomain Routing 6

IPv6 6

Transmission Control Protocol 7

    Hot Standby Routing Protocol 9

    Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol 10

    Generic Routing Encapsulation 10

    Next Hop Resolution Protocol 11

Routing Protocols 12

    Configuring RIP 12

    Interior Gateway Routing Protocol 13

        Configuring IGRP 13

    Open Shortest Path First Protocol 14

    Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol 16

        Configuring EIGRP 16

    Border Gateway Protocol 17

        Configuring BGP (Basics Only) 17

IP Multicast Overview 18

Wireless 18

    Service Set Identifier 18

    Authentication and Authorization 19

Client Authentication and Association Process 19

Rogue Access Points 22

    Authentication and Authorization Technologies 23

Single Sign-On 26

One-Time Password 27

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and Active Directory 27

Role-Based Access Control 28

    Mobile IP Networks 28

Questions and Answers 30

Chapter 2 Security Protocols 33


    Configuring RADIUS 34


    Configuring TACACS 35

Hash Algorithms 36

    Need for Hashing Algorithms 36

    Hash-Based Message Authentication Codes 37

    Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption 38

    Symmetric Key Algorithms 39

    Asymmetric Encryption Protocols 40

    Diffie-Hellman Algorithm 41

IP Security 41

    Data Integrity 42

    Origin Authentication 42

    Anti-Replay Protection 42

    Confidentiality 42

    ISAKMP (RFC 2408) 43

Authentication Header and Encapsulating Security Payload Protocols 44

    Tunnel and Transport Modes 44

    Secure Shell 45

    Configuring SSH 45

    Secure Sockets Layer 46

    Group Domain of Interpretation 46

    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 47

Public Key Infrastructure 47

802.1x Authentication 48

IEEE 802.1x Extensible Authentication Protocol Security 50

WEP, WPA, and WPA2 50

    WPA and WPA2 51

        WPA-PSK 51

        WPA-Enterprise 51

    Web Cache Communication Protocol 51

    Security Group Tag eXchange Protocol 52

    MACsec 52

    DNSSEC 53

Questions and Answers 54

Chapter 3 Application and Infrastructure Security 57


    Configuring HTTP 57


    Configuring HTTPS 58

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 58

File Transfer Protocol 59

Domain Name System 60

Trivial File Transfer Protocol 61

Network Time Protocol 62

Syslog 62

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 63

Simple Network Management Protocol 64

Remote Desktop Protocol 65

PC over IP 66

Virtual Network Computing 66

Questions and Answers 67

Chapter 4 Threats, Vulnerability Analysis, and Mitigation 69

Recognize and Mitigate Common Attacks 69

    ICMP Attacks and PING Floods 69

    Man-in-the-Middle Attacks 69

    Replay Attacks 70

    Spoofing Attacks 71

    Back-Door Attacks 71

    Bots and Botnets 72

    Wireless Attacks 72

        Denial-of-Service Attacks 73

        Snooping Attacks 73

        Decryption Attacks 73

    DoS and DDoS Attacks 73

        Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) 74

        Identification of Attack Traffic 74

        Solutions for Attack Traffic 74

    Header Attacks 75

    Tunneling Attacks 75

Software and OS Exploits 76

Security and Attack Tools 76

    Packet Sniffer and Capture Tools 77

    Network Service Mapping Tools 77

    Vulnerability Assessment Tools 77

Packet Filtering 77

Content Filtering 77

    ActiveX Filtering 78

    Java Filtering 78

    URL Filtering 78

Endpoint and Posture Assessment 79

QoS Marking Attacks 80

Questions and Answers 80

Chapter 5 Cisco Security Products, Features, and Management 83

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 83

    Firewall Functionality 83

    Firewall Modes (Routing and Multicast Capabilities) 84

    Network Address Translation 86

    Access Control Lists/Entries and Identity-Based Services 88

    Modular Policy Framework 89

    ASA Failover and Redundancy 90

Identity Services Engine 92

Virtual Security Gateway 93

Cisco Cloud Web Security (Formerly ScanSafe) 94

Cisco Catalyst 6500 ASA-Service Module 96

Cisco Prime Security Manager 97

Questions and Answers 98

Chapter 6 Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions 99

Cisco Hardware Overview 99

Cisco Router Operating Modes and Management 101

Basic Cisco Router Security 101

IP Access Lists 103

Network-Based Application Recognition 104

Control Plane Policing 104

Control Plane Protection 105

    Control Plane Host Subinterface 105

    Control Plane Transit Subinterface 105

    Control Plane CEF-Exception Subinterface 106

Management Plane Protection 106

Modular QoS CLI 107

Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding 107

Cisco NetFlow 107

CAM Table Overflow and MAC Address Spoofing 108

VLAN Hopping 109

Spanning Tree Protocol Security 109

DHCP Starvation Attack 109

DNS Spoofing 109

Cisco Discovery Protocol 110

VLAN Trunking Protocol Security 110

Network Segregation 110

    VLAN Extensible LAN 110

VPN Solutions 111

    FlexVPN 111

    Dynamic Multipoint VPN 112

    Group Encrypted Transport VPN 114

        Time-Based Anti-Replay 116

    Cisco Easy VPN 116

Load Balancing and Failover 116

    Load Balancing 117

    Failover 117

Questions and Answers 118

Chapter 7 Security Policies and Procedures, Best Practices and Standards 119

The Need for Network Security Policy 119

Standards Bodies 119

Newsgroups 120

Information Security Standards 121

    ISO 17799/BS7799/ISO 27002 121

Attacks, Vulnerabilities, and Common Exploits 121

    Ping of Death 122

    TCP SYN Flood Attack and Land.C Attack 122

    Email Attack 122

    CPU-Intensive Attack 122

    Teardrop Attack, DNS Poisoning, and UDP Bomb 122

    Distributed DoS Attack 123

    Chargen Attack 123

    Spoof Attack 123

    Smurf Attack 123

    Man-in-the-Middle Attack 123

    Birthday Attack 123

BCP 38 123

Intrusion Detection Systems and Configuring Cisco IOS Software for Security Against Intrusion 124

Security Audit and Validation 125

Risk Assessment/Analysis 125

Change Management Process 126

Incident Response Teams and Framework 126

Computer Security Forensics 127

Common RFCs 127

Questions and Answers 127

Answers Appendix 129

9780133855081   TOC   8/5/2014

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