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Network Security First-Step: Firewalls

Chapter Description

This chapter dissects a firewall’s duties to understand what makes a firewall operate and how it does its job.

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Network Security First-Step

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Chapter Review Questions

The following questions assist in reinforcing the concepts covered in this chapter:

  1. Who needs a firewall?
  2. Why do I need a firewall?
  3. Do I need a firewall?
  4. How is a firewall an extension of a security policy?
  5. What is the name of the table in a firewall that tracks connections?
  6. What fundamental role does a DMZ fulfill in network security?
  7. What are four benefits of a DMZ?
  8. Can firewalls enforce password policies or prevent misuse of passwords by users?
  9. Do firewalls guarantee that your network will be protected?
  10. Are all firewalls created equal?