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Mobile IP Technology and Applications
Jul 8, 2005
This chapter highlights the major concepts of IOS Mobile IP configuration in a simple lab topology. It presents in detail the most important concepts in IOS Mobile IP configuration. We start out by using six routers to examine each component individually. Several alternatives requiring fewer routers are presented at the end of the chapter.
Moving to WPA/WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi Encryption
Apr 9, 2010
Wi-Fi networks in businesses should be using the Enterprise mode of WPA or WPA2 encryption. Eric Geier shows you how to move from the Personal (PSK) mode to the Enterprise (RADIUS) mode.
Recovering and Securing Your Wi-Fi Encryption Keys
Jun 4, 2010
Have you forgotten the WEP or WPA key or passphrase for your Wi-Fi? Eric Geier helps you discover how to recover or reset and secure your network password.
Securing Wireless Networks
Jul 2, 2008
This chapter discusses wireless security, including a checklist for securing Wi-Fi.
Securing Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Sessions
Mar 30, 2010
Eric Geier shares tips to keep your email, documents, and computer safe while using Wi-Fi hotspots.
Set Up Multiple SSIDs and VLANs on a DD-WRT Router
Jul 19, 2011
DD-WRT is arguably the most popular firmware replacement or upgrade for select wireless routers. Eric Geier walks you through creating a second SSID, segregating it from the main SSID, making two of the LAN ports on the back of the router connect to just the new SSID, and leaving the other two LAN ports connected to the main SSID.
Setting Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot Using m0n0wall
Mar 9, 2007
Need to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot that requires your patrons to authenticate? Sounds too expensive? On the contrary. Kulvir Singh Bhogal shows you how to set up the hotspot on the dirt-cheap.
Seven Troubleshooting Tips for Wireless N Networks
Oct 1, 2009
Are your wireless N connections not getting the speeds, performance, or range you hoped for? Eric Geier helps you get your money's worth.
Ten Tips and Considerations on Upgrading to Wireless N
Jun 1, 2009
Eric Geier provides tips for making your upgrade to 802.11n worth the expense.
The Business Side of Hosting a Hotspot
Jan 12, 2007
Eric Geier explains the benefits of hosting a hotspot, such as generating additional revenue and attracting more people to your business or organization, and the associated costs of doing so. This will help you decide which type of hotspot is best for your particular situation.
Tips on Setting Up and Hosting a Wi-Fi Hotspot
Oct 21, 2009
Eric Geier shares tips on installing and operating a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Tips to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network
Jul 10, 2009
Eric Geier points out important steps beyond encryption to secure your home Wi-Fi network.
Tips to Secure Your Small Business Wi-Fi Network
Jul 21, 2009
Eric Geier presents twelve critical tips to consider when securing a small business wireless network.
Trash Your Pocket PC Synchronization Cable and Go Wireless
Feb 10, 2006
Do you daydream about new ways to be wireless? Kulvir Bhogal shows you how to synchronize your wirelessly-enabled Pocket PC with your PC over your wireless network — with no strings attached!
Wireless is Calling - Will You Answer? Why Wireless Networking is a Promising Career Choice
By David Hucaby
Jun 25, 2013
David Hucaby shares his thoughts on why wireless engineering is a satisfying career choice, especially with new wireless capabilities rolling out all the time.
Wireless LAN Design
Jun 2, 2006
This chapter discusses wireless LAN (WLAN) technology and describes how it improves mobility. After introducing WLANs as strategic assets to corporate networks, WLAN standards and components are discussed. The security and management of WLANs are explored, followed by design considerations for WLANs.
Wireless LAN Fundamentals: Mobility
Jan 9, 2004
This sample chapter covers the characteristics of roaming, Layer 2 and 3 roaming, and an introduction to Mobile IP.
Wireless LANs: Extending the Reach of a LAN
By Stephen McQuerry
Jun 17, 2008
This chapter describes the reasons for extending the reach of a LAN and the methods that can be used to do so, with a focus on RF wireless access.
Wireless System Architecture: How Wireless Works
Oct 15, 2004
Apart from transmitting the information over the air, wireless networks are very much like wired networks. However, that seemingly small difference can lead to some very large problems if you don't understand the nuances of this medium. Read this chapter to find out how wireless networks work, and why they need to be administered differently from traditional, wired networks.
WLAN Design: Range, Performance, and Roaming Considerations
Aug 3, 2010
This chapter provides insight and addresses important elements you should consider to avoid common problems when designing a wireless LAN.