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CCNP Routing Studies: Basic Open Shortest Path First
May 24, 2002
Understanding basic Open Shortest Path First routing principles not only applies to the CCNP certification but to all Cisco-based certifications. This chapter focuses on a number of objectives falling under the CCNP routing principles.
CCNP TSHOOT Certification Guide: Understanding the Basics of QoS
Apr 27, 2010
Kevin Wallace discusses basic quality of service (QoS) mechanisms on Cisco routers, which are important to understand when troubleshooting VoIP issues.
CCNP Wireless IUWMS Quick Reference: Implementing Location-Based Services
Jul 20, 2010
This chapter describes the location-tracking techniques used in providing location-based services — unique events tied to the physical location of an 802.11 device.
Choosing an Optimal Location for Your Data Center
Sep 30, 2005
When a company buys new land, it is important to consider the property's suitability to house a server environment. Failing to do so often means having to spend more on Data Center infrastructure, either to add what's missing or to overcome shortcomings on the site. The most desirable type of location is one that supports the Data Center's mission to safeguard server equipment and accommodate growth and change. This chapter will help you assess your server site for suitability.
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking: Installing and Configuring Access Points
Dec 1, 2005
The largest hurdle toward getting your wireless LAN (WLAN) up and running is the configuration of your access points (APs) and wireless clients. This chapter examines how to install and configure the AP.
Cisco AAA Identity Management Security: Getting Familiar with ACS 5.1
Feb 2, 2011
ACS 5.1 has a completely different user interface from ACS 4.2. Throughout the course of this chapter you will become familiar with the GUI and know where different functions are located.
Cisco ASA Access Lists Concepts and Configuration
Jun 27, 2013
Sean Wilkins review Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) implementation of access control lists (ACL or access list). He also covers ASA access list types, what they control, and a basic review of what the configuration syntax is to use them.
Cisco ASA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Network Security Services
Jan 28, 2010
This chapter provides an explanation of the configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco ASA-supported authentication, authorization, and accounting network security services.
Cisco ASA Basic Internet Protocol Inspection
Jun 27, 2013
In this article, Sean Wilkins covers some of the common Internet protocol inspection features that can be enabled (or are enabled by default) on the Cisco ASA.
Cisco ASA Filtering Botnet Traffic
Oct 31, 2013
One of the methods that can be used on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) platform to avoid becoming a target of the bots subtype of malware attacks is to deploy its Botnet Traffic Filter. Sean Wilkins takes a look at how the Botnet Traffic Filter can be used to manually or automatically block these attacks from happening.
Cisco ASA High Availability Concepts and Configurations
Dec 24, 2013
Sean Wilkins takes a look at a few of the failover capabilities in the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) product line and shows you how they can be configured to provide high availability.
Cisco ASA Security Contexts
Dec 16, 2005
The virtual firewall methodology enables a physical firewall to be partitioned into multiple standalone firewalls. Each standalone firewall acts and behaves as an independent entity with its own configuration, interfaces, security policies, routing table, and administrators. In Cisco ASA, these virtual firewalls are known as security contexts. This chapter covers security contexts in detail.
Cisco ASA Voice and Video Protocol Inspection
Oct 29, 2013
Sean Wilkins takes a look at some of the inspection methods that are provided within the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) line and how they are used to improve the functionality of video and voice networks even when security is a high priority.
Cisco Data Center Virtualization Server Architectures
Jul 1, 2010
This chapter examines processor, memory, and I/O subsystems with particular reference to servers built according to the IA-32, often generically called x86 architecture.
Cisco Firewall Configuration Fundamentals
Jul 8, 2011
This chapter describes the configuration fundamentals for IOS and ASA-based firewalls, highlighting the similarities between the product families.
Cisco Frame Relay Configurations
Apr 30, 2004
Jonathan Chin dicussess basic Frame Relay operations on Cisco routers in a router-based Frame Relay network.
Cisco Gateway Load Balance Protocol (GLBP) Configuration Process and Commands
Oct 9, 2013
Networking consultant Sean Wilkins discusses how a variety of GLBP concepts can be applied to real devices.
Cisco IDS Sensor Deployment Considerations
Feb 15, 2002
Correctly deploying your Cisco IDS Sensor is crucial to protecting your network. Earl Carter helps you understand your network topology, as well as the critical components on your network.
Cisco IOS Image Concepts and Configuration
Jun 28, 2013
Cisco network engineers should know how to correctly perform a router image update/upgrade. This article covers the different image types that exist on most Cisco equipment, Cisco’s image-naming structure, and how to perform image updates/upgrades.
Cisco IOS Image Security
Jun 28, 2013
This article discusses Cisco IOS image types and provides methods to ensure that the images are complete and have not been modified. It also briefly covers digital signatures that are possible with newer Cisco hardware.

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