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Cisco IOS IP Accounting Features
Oct 19, 2007
Cisco IOS XR Security
Jun 15, 2009
This chapter discusses the security aspects of the Cisco IOS XR operating system.
Cisco IP Telephony Security Framework
Sep 21, 2012
This chapter examines the Cisco IP Telephony Security life cycle. It also shows how to develop an IP telephony security policy, evaluate cost versus risk, determine the level of security required for your IP Telephony network, and develop Cisco IP Telephony Security Framework.
Cisco IPS Device Manager (IDM)
Dec 16, 2005
The Cisco IPS Device Manager (IDM) is a tool that enables you to configure and manage a single Cisco network sensor. This Java-based web tool provides you with a graphical interface to manipulate the operation of your sensor. This chapter will help you get started with the Cisco IDM.
Cisco ISP Software and Router Management
Jun 7, 2002
This sample chapter covers general features that ISPs should consider for their routers and network implementations that can aid the smooth operation of their business.
Cisco LAN Switching Configuration : Server Load Balancing (SLB)
By David Hucaby, Stephen McQuerry
Jun 24, 2009
This chapter covers the steps required to load balance traffic to one or more server farms and firewall farms, and also explains the steps needed to define probes that test server and firewall farm functionality.
Cisco Network Academy Shines Bright in Alberta: An Interview with Scott Empson
Jul 1, 2009
Scott Empson discusses the value of the Cisco Networking Academy and other Cisco certifications.
Cisco Network Security Fundamentals: Wireless Security
Dec 30, 2004
This chapter covers wireless security—what it is, how it works, how it is configured, what threatens it, and what policies can be designed to secure it.
Cisco Network Time Protocol Configuration
Oct 22, 2013
Configuring Network Time Protocol (NTP) is not overly complex. In this article, networking consultant Sean Wilkins walks you through the configuration steps that can be used to implement NTP and get the target device’s clock time synchronized.
Cisco Network Topologies and LAN Design
Nov 16, 2001
This chapter from CCDA Exam Certification Guide reviews the topologies used in network design and covers the technologies and design approaches used when designing a local-area network (LAN).
Cisco Network Topology and Design
Feb 1, 2002
Explore design issues related to overall network topology with this sample chapter from Cisco Press.
Cisco Networking Academy Connecting Networks Companion Guide: Connecting to the WAN
May 7, 2014
Different technologies are used for WANs than for LANs. This chapter introduces WAN standards, technologies, and purposes. It covers selecting the appropriate WAN technologies, services, and devices to meet the changing business requirements of an evolving enterprise.
Cisco Networking Academy Connecting Networks Companion Guide: Hierarchical Network Design
May 9, 2014
This chapter introduces network design concepts, principles, models, and architectures. It covers the benefits that are obtained by using a systematic design approach.
Cisco Networking Academy Connecting Networks Companion Guide: Point-to-Point Connections
May 8, 2014
This chapter covers the terms, technology, and protocols used in serial connections, introducing the High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).
Cisco Networking Academy's Introduction to Basic Switching Concepts and Configuration
Mar 31, 2014
This chapter examines some of the basic switch configuration settings required to maintain a secure, available, switched LAN environment.
Cisco Networking Academy's Introduction to Routing Concepts
Mar 20, 2014
This chapter introduces and explains the primary functions and features of a router and explains the process for connecting and configuring devices to the router. It continues by describing the process by which routers manage packets, determine data paths, and build routing tables.
Cisco Networking Academy's Introduction to Routing Dynamically
Mar 24, 2014
This chapter explains multiple routing protocols (particularly dynamic routing protocols) and describes their relative strengths and weaknesses. It also shows how to read a routing table easily and interpret the IPv6 routing information listed within it.
Cisco Networking Academy's Introduction to Scaling Networks
Apr 17, 2014
This chapter introduces strategies that can be used to systematically design a highly functional network, such as the hierarchical network design model, the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, and appropriate device selections.
Cisco Networking Academy's Introduction to Static Routing
Mar 27, 2014
This chapter explains the types of static routes as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type. It also addresses routing configuration and troubleshooting.
Cisco Networking Academy's Introduction to Switched Networks
Apr 3, 2014
This chapter begins an examination of the flow of traffic in a modern network. It examines some of the current network design models and the way LAN switches build forwarding tables and use the MAC address information to efficiently switch data between hosts.

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