Dhrumil Prajapati

Dhrumil Prajapati is a principal architect within Cisco CX’s GES Architecture team. His focus lies on multi-domain networks, and he has been offering a complete lifecycle of professional services and architecture advisory for the past 13 years. His expertise extends to serving enterprise, government, and service provider entities across the globe. His services are designed to assist clients in planning, designing, deploying, managing, and interoperating all networking technology domains within their private or public infrastructure and application environments.

In his networking career, Dhrumil has designed networks for more than 150 organizations, which inspired him to write a book on the subject. He is a coauthor of Cisco SD-Access for Industry Verticals (https://cs.co/sda-verticals-book), and holds patents and has given multiple presentations in Cisco Live on SD-Access and multi-domain.

Dhrumil holds dual CCIEs in Enterprise Infrastructure and Service Provider, as well as a CCDE, in addition to other leading technical certificates. He also assists the Cisco Certifications team by reviewing and providing feedback for Cisco certificate exams. In addition, he leads several initiatives within Cisco CX aimed at driving delivery standardization and enhancing efficiency through automation innovation.

Currently residing in Apex, North Carolina, Dhrumil has a passion for motor racing, woodworking, and innovative electronics that enhance human life. His wife, Devanshi, and son, Ram, bring pure joy to his life, adding a touch of fun to every day.