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Power of IP Video, The: Unleashing Productivity with Visual Networking

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  • Copyright 2009
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 1-58705-865-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58705-865-3

The Power of IP Video

Unleashing Productivity with Visual Networking

Jennifer C. Baker

Felicia Brych Dalke

Michael Mitchell

Nader Nanjiani

The definitive guide to deriving business value from IP video solutions

Using today’s rich new IP-based technologies for video, voice, and web collaboration, businesses can streamline and accelerate processes, increase productivity, and improve both top and bottom lines. In The Power of IP Video, a team of Cisco® experts shows you exactly how to make the most of these powerful new IP video solutions. Writing for both business and technical decision makers, the authors present new best practices for optimizing virtually any program or process and for improving collaboration between virtually every employee, customer, supplier, and stakeholder.

Drawing on their pioneering experience working with IP video internally and supporting the top Cisco customers, the authors show you how to make the business case for IP video and offer practical guidance for successful implementation. To demonstrate IP video at work, they also present an extensive set of case studies from large, medium-size, and small companies in many leading industries. Along the way, they demonstrate the real-world application and value of several key Cisco solutions, including Cisco Unified MeetingPlace®, Cisco Unified Video Advantage, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco TelePresence™, Cisco Digital Media Management, video surveillance, and WebEx®.

  • Use IP video to meet the needs of knowledge workers while reducing travel and other costs
  • Extend IP video from the office to anywhere work takes you
  • Identify opportunities to leverage IP video in finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and R&D
  • Apply IP video in financial services, healthcare, e-learning, high tech, sports and entertainment, and other industries
  • Use IP video to “scale” the impact of your senior executives
  • Use rich media to systematically eliminate barriers to global collaboration while saving money
  • Estimate the business value of visual networking applications

Jennifer Baker, senior manager in the Worldwide Technology Practice group at Cisco, leads marketing efforts around TelePresence, Digital Media Management, and related solutions.

Felicia Brych Dalke is marketing operations manager for Collaboration Business Services.

Mike Mitchell is currently director of the Collaboration Business Solutions team at Cisco, responsible for connecting business processes with visual networking tools.

Nader Nanjiani is marketing manager for Unified IP Communications at Cisco, and co-author of The Business Case for E-learning (Cisco Press).

This volume is in the Network Business Series offered by Cisco Press®. Books in this series provide IT executives, decision makers, and networking professionals with pertinent information about today’s most important technologies and business strategies.

Category: Networking: IP Communications

Covers: IP Video

Table of Contents

Introduction xxi

Part I Where Are We Headed? 1

Chapter 1 Quad-Play and the Curse of Interesting Times 3

Executive Summary 4

Virtualization: A Common Modus Operandi 5

    Quad-Play in Virtualized Environments 6

    Why Video? 7

Globalization 3.0 at Our Doorstep 7

    A Rocky Ride 8

    Has It Really Gotten That Flat? 9

Consumer Led: When Work Emulates Social Networks 11

    From Web 2.0 to Visual Networking 12

    Viral Video: The Edward R. Murrow of Our Times? 13

What Next? 14

Summary 15

End Notes 16

Chapter 2 The Way We Work 17

Executive Summary 18

Use of Video in Organizations 18

IP Video and Collaboration at Work: An Illustration 19

    Find Them Now 20

    Softening the Edge of Fast Turnarounds 20

    Mobility: Productivity on the Go 21

    Click to Call from Anywhere 22

    Follow Me Around 22

    From Voice to Video to Web 22

    Virtual Collaboration 23

    One to Many in a Matter of Moments 23

    Moral of the Story 24

Making a Difference 25

    Productivity When Away from the Office 25

    A Family-First Workplace 26

    Environmentally Friendly Workplaces 26

    Rationalizing Real Estate 27

    All About Nuance 27

Summary 28

End Note 28

Chapter 3 Beyond Workplaces: Video in Collaborative Workspaces 29

Executive Summary 30

How Might Collaboration Really Play Out at Work? 31

    “Virtual Margaret” 32

    Enter TelePresence 33

    Business Implications 34

Too Many People, Too Many Trips 35

Boosting “Engagement” at Work 36

    Workplace Flexibility to Reduce Healthcare Cost 37

Summary 38

End Notes 38

Part II Cisco in Play 39

Chapter 4 Scaling the CxO 41

Executive Summary 42

Your Broadcast Network 44

Direct Employee Interaction 45

Open Access 48

Accountability 49

From Innovation to Requirement 50

From Requirement to Innovation 52

Customer Interactions 55

Summary 55

Chapter 5 Cisco Finance and Investor Relations:

Transforming Processes, Partnerships, and Public

Perception 57

Executive Summary 58

Cisco Finance 59

    Improving Organizational and Cross-Functional Alignment:

        Video Improves Day-to-Day Working Relationships and

        Operations 59

    Developing Team Depth and Skills: Video-Enabled Training 60

    Ensuring Finance Speaks with One Voice: Executive

        Messaging, Global Communications 61

    Providing Consistent Messaging Across Groups:

        All Hands Meetings 62

    Facilitating Sales While Ensuring Compliance: The Sales

        Empowerment Initiative 63

    Looking Ahead: Next Steps for Finance 64

    Finance: Lessons Learned 67

Video Applications in Investor Relations 68

    Internal Uses 68

    External Applications 69

    Press-Related Activity 71

    Web Presence 72

    Latest Applications: Looking Ahead 74

    Investor Relations: Advice and Considerations 76

Summary 77

Chapter 6 Cisco Marketing: Video Accelerates

Communications, Collaboration, and Time to Market 79

Executive Summary 80

Internal Uses 80

    One-to-One and Small Group Collaboration 80

    Staff Meetings 82

    Larger Group Meetings 82

External Uses 87

    Webcasts and Bannercasts 88

    Video on the Web: News@Cisco Portal 89

    Video Datasheets 91

    Embedded Video in Websites: External Product Launches 93

    Exploring New Places to Use Video: Second Life 94

Summary 95

End Note 95

Chapter 7 Optimizing a Global Engineering Organization 97

Executive Summary 98

Technical Strategy and Execution 99

    Employee Communication 100

    Effective Integration of Acquisitions 102

Multisite Product Development 104

    Team Communication Preferences 105

    Program Management and Videoconferencing 106

    Project Management and Desktop Video 107

    Best Practices for Multisite Product Development Using

        Video/Visual Tools 109

    Video and Behavior to Avoid Travel 111

Product Testing and Support 112

    Product Testing During Development 112

    Troubleshooting with Customers 113

Technical Training 114

    The Engineering Learning Organization 114

    Using Live Broadcasts to Increase Awareness

        and Knowledge 116

    Using Video on Demand for Technical Training 117

Summary 118

Chapter 8 Maximizing Your Human Resources Through IP Video 121

Executive Summary 122

Recruiting in a “Flat” World 122

New-Hire Orientation 123

Knowledge Transfer 126

Onsite Daycare 127

Change Management 128

Summary 130

Chapter 9 Save More, Make More: Increasing Sales Productivity with IP Video 131

Executive Summary 132

Early Drivers 132

Product Launch 134

Scaling the SME 134

Saving Time for Sales 137

    “Scale the Power” 138

    Next Generation 140

Summary 141

Part III Show Me the Money 143

Chapter 10 Transforming Educational Paradigms with IP Video 145

Executive Summary 146

Evolution of Video-Based Learning at Cisco 146

Video in Today’s Diverse Education Settings 148

    Collaborative Learning for Career Advancement 149

    Safeguarding Schools with IP Video Surveillance 151

    Reaching Dispersed Learners: Mobile and Video Ready 153

    Video Content Enriching the Classroom 156

Summary 159

End Notes 159

Chapter 11 Financial Services and Video: Accelerating Revenue,

    Relationships, and Much More 161

Executive Summary 162

Improving the Product Rollout Process, and More, with Video 163

Bridging the Gap: Magnet Bank 166

Supporting Growth While Maintaining Corporate Culture:

    Mountain America Credit Union 168

Thinking Differently About Collaboration: Wachovia 173

Summary 176

Chapter 12 The Doctor Will See You Now: Transforming

    Healthcare with Video 177

Executive Summary 178

The Technology Transforming Healthcare 178

Building Expertise and Boosting Communication: Alabama

    Department of Rehabilitation Services 181

Improving Employee Communications and Collaboration:

    Niagara Health 182

Extending Expertise While Providing Improved Patient Care 182

    Robots Enable Physicians to Be in Two Places at One Time 183

    Bringing Life-Saving, Specialty Care to Rural Regions:

        Ontario Telemedicine Network 185

    Video Brings Critical Care to the Littlest Patients: Adena Health System 188

    Beyond Videoconferencing: TelePresence Becomes the

        Next Step in Telemedicine in Scotland and New Zealand 189

    Improving Healthcare and Quality of Life: Afghanistan’s Telemedicine Project 191

    Connecting Clinicians and Patients with Innovative Services:

        California’s Healthcare Interpretive Network 192

    Innovation Improves Image and Patient Care: Arras Hospital 195

Summary 197

Chapter 13 The Influence of IP Video on Other Industries 199

Executive Summary 200

Video Use in High-Tech Organizations 201

    Software Developer Uses IP Video to Increase Agility and Reduce Travel 201

    Executives Use Video to Clarify Partnerships 202

    Service Providers Use TelePresence to Improve Internal

    Communications and Provide New Service

    Offerings 205

IP Video Enables New Business Models in the Real Estate

    and Hospitality Sectors 210

    Luxury Hotels Create Competitive Advantage Through TelePresence 211

    Casinos Use IP Video to Enable Growth 212

IP Video Takes Sports and Entertainment to the Next Level 214

    Sports Stadiums Are Transformed Using IP Video 217

    Museums Enable New Experiences with IP Video 218

    2008 Olympic Games Has Greater Coverage Through IP Video 219

Cross-Industry Effort Uses TelePresence to Connect Families 222

Summary 225

End Notes 225

Part IV No More Walls 227

Chapter 14 Opportunities in the Era of Visual Networking 229

Executive Summary 230

Beyond Web 2.0: To Visual Networking 231

Visual Networking at Work 232

    Enabling E-Commerce Through Visual Networking 232

    Connecting Live Through Visual Networking 233

    Media Conferencing (Sharing) Through Visual Networking 234

    E-Learning Through Visual Networking 235

    Business Process Integration Through Visual Networking 236

    Video Wikis 237

    Advertising Through Visual Networking 237

    Public Affairs and Government Relations Through Visual Networking 238

    Games, Sports, and Virtual Environments 239

    Live Feedback Through Visual Networking 240

Summary 240

Chapter 15 Collaboration Like Never Before: To Make a Difference 241

Executive Summary 242

Business Benefits and Carbon Benefits 244

    How Cisco Is Cutting Emissions 244

Strategies for Making Organizations Emissions Savvy 247

    Make Fewer Business Journeys 247

    Decrease Commuting 248

    Better Use of Office Space 249

    Leveraging the Mobility Trend 250

Carbon Conscious with Clinton Global Initiative 250

    Beneficiaries of Connected Urban Development 251

    How CUD Works 251

    Progress So Far 252

Summary 252

End Notes 253

Part V Appendixes 255

Appendix A How Cisco Uses Streaming Video for Worldwide

    Corporate Events and Training 257

Background 258

Challenge 259

Solution 260

Videoconferencing 261

IP Video Telephony 262

Web Conferencing 263

Live Broadcasting and Video on Demand 263

    Production Studios and Broadcast Volume 267

Results 267

    Business Benefit for Cisco: Cisco ISO Company Audit 269

    Benefit for Cisco: Emergency Process Implementation 270

Lessons Learned 270

Reference Documents 271 Resources 272

For More Information 273

Appendix B Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and

    Methodology, 2007—2012 275

Executive Summary 276

Global IP Traffic Growth 2006—2011 278

Consumer IP Traffic 2006—2012 279

Consumer Internet Traffic 2006—2012 280

Web, Email, and Data 283

P2P 284

Internet Gaming 285

Voice over IP 287

Video Communications 288

Internet Video to PC 290

Internet Video to TV 292

Consumer Non-Internet IP

Traffic 2006—2011 294

Business IP Traffic 296

Mobile Data and Internet Traffic 298

Frequently Asked Questions 300

For More Information 302

Index 303

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