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ZigBee Wireless Security: A New Age Penetration Tester's Toolkit

Article Description

Penetration testers have been focusing on wireless technologies for over a decade now, and one protocol that can arguably be placed at the top of the list is the 802.15.4 protocol that ZigBee wireless rides on. New tools and techniques are being developed by penetration testers to validate the security and configuration of ZigBee-enabled devices. Brad Bowers takes a closer look at the ZigBee protocol, some of the attacks that have been leveraged against it, and the security tools that penetration testers can use.

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The Wrapup

The Wrapup

The focus of attackers is changing, and Information Security professionals need to change with it. It is no longer acceptable to be an Information Security Professional with no working knowledge of hardware-based attacks. It's no longer acceptable to understand traditional 802.11 wireless security without knowing the other wireless protocols that are being rapidly adopted by businesses.

New kinds of attacks are starting to emerge that are challenging our preconceived notions of what wireless security is all about. Unlike traditional wireless security, new ZigBee wireless technology risks can impact both corporate data and even the physical world.

There is little doubt that ZigBee radios will continue to be widely deployed in both consumer and industrial applications. This rapid escalation and adoption of ZigBee-enabled devices requires trained and vigilant Information Security Professionals who can detect, assess, and defend against a myriad of new and emerging wireless attacks.

While there are many tools that are at their disposal, it will take an increased awareness of ZigBee attacks and a deep understanding of these tools to better defend businesses.