Cisco Press Series

Product Families: An Overview

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  • The authoritative source on major networking topics, supported by Cisco Systems, the leader in Internet and networking technologies

What products does Cisco Press create?

Cisco Press creates several book, digital, and software products, grouped into product families based on their design and editorial promise. These product families and series include

Certification Self-Study Product Family
These series offer a progressive, self-paced study routine for Cisco certification exams, with tools that help certification candidates learn exam topics, gain hands-on experience, prepare for the exam, and practice their test taking skills.

Titles in the Cisco Press Certification Self-Study Product Family are part of a recommended learning path from Cisco Systems that can include simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press.

Network Technology Product Family
The Network Technology Product Family delivers basic understanding, theoretical knowledge, and real-world networking solutions to a diverse audience of networking professionals.

These series offer a progressive learning pathway on a variety of important networking topics, such as IP communications, routing and switching, security, TCP/IP, and wireless. This learning pathway begins with First-Step titles that are written for anyone interested in a networking topic, progresses to Fundamentals titles that build a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, and concludes with Networking Technology Guides that delve into real-world solutions for networks, like troubleshooting techniques and application management.

Cisco Networking Academy Product Family
Cisco Press and Cisco Systems work in conjunction to develop study materials and learning aids for the Cisco Networking Academy product family that support the web-based Networking Academy curriculum and prepare students for careers in the networking industry.

  • Course Booklets–Designed as an offline study resource, Course Booklets allow students to easily read, highlight, and review on the go, wherever the Internet is not available.
  • Companion Guides–Portable, comprehensive, convenient desk references supplementing the online course material presented in textbook style with strong pedagogy.
  • Labs and Study Guides–Study exercises, online labs, and additional new labs to challenge students and measure learning.

The Cisco Networking Academy is a comprehensive e-learning program that provides students with the Internet technology skills essential in a global economy. The Networking Academy delivers web-based content, online assessment, student performance tracking, hands-on labs, instructor training and support, and preparation for industry standard certifications.

To find a Networking Academy in your area go to the Academy Connection site and click on "Find" beneath the Academy Locator heading.