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Recovering and Securing Your Wi-Fi Encryption Keys
Jun 4, 2010
Have you forgotten the WEP or WPA key or passphrase for your Wi-Fi? Eric Geier helps you discover how to recover or reset and secure your network password.
CCDC and the Tale of the Insider Threat
May 24, 2010
Brad Bowers discusses the value of including the threat of insider attacks in Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) events.
Five Applications to Secure Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Connections
May 13, 2010
Don't risk eavesdroppers capturing your email, passwords, and other sensitive info! Eric Geier reviews five helpful apps that encrypt your wireless traffic.
The Bad Guys from Outside: Malware
Apr 29, 2010
In this chapter, you'll learn how malware works and why it presents such a threat to the enterprise.
CCNP TSHOOT Certification Guide: Understanding the Basics of QoS
Apr 27, 2010
Kevin Wallace discusses basic quality of service (QoS) mechanisms on Cisco routers, which are important to understand when troubleshooting VoIP issues.
IPv6: Why Bother?
Apr 16, 2010
IPv6 has been coming Real Soon Now for well over a decade. David Chisnall looks at what the benefits it brings and how to support it.
Moving to WPA/WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi Encryption
Apr 9, 2010
Wi-Fi networks in businesses should be using the Enterprise mode of WPA or WPA2 encryption. Eric Geier shows you how to move from the Personal (PSK) mode to the Enterprise (RADIUS) mode.
Securing Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Sessions
Mar 30, 2010
Eric Geier shares tips to keep your email, documents, and computer safe while using Wi-Fi hotspots.
SIP Trunking Design and Implementation Considerations
Mar 21, 2010
This chapter highlights many of the network design and implementation considerations you should work through while planning or installing a SIP trunk for production purposes in your network.
Cisco WAAS Architecture, Hardware, and Sizing
Feb 1, 2010
This chapter provides an introduction to the Cisco WAAS hardware family, along with an in-depth examination of the hardware and software architecture.
Cisco ASA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Network Security Services
Jan 28, 2010
This chapter provides an explanation of the configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco ASA-supported authentication, authorization, and accounting network security services.
Virtual LANs and VLAN Trunking
Dec 25, 2009
This chapter covers some of the most fundamental and important LAN topics with coverage of VLANs and VLAN trunking in preparation for the CCIE Routing and Switching Exam.
Deploying a Fast and Stable Wireless Mesh Network
Dec 9, 2009
This chapter provides practical tips and advice for deploying a fast and stable wireless mesh network.
How to Network Windows 7, Vista, and XP Computers
Nov 13, 2009
Upgrading to Windows 7 but still have XP or Vista machines? No problem. Eric Geier shows you how to network among all these Windows versions.
Creating a Hotspot Gateway with RouterOS
Nov 2, 2009
Eric Geier shows how to set up the integrated hotspot gateway with RouterOS.
Creating a VPN Server with RouterOS
Oct 27, 2009
Eric Geier continues his RouterOS series by discussing its VPN capabilities
Tips on Setting Up and Hosting a Wi-Fi Hotspot
Oct 21, 2009
Eric Geier shares tips on installing and operating a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Ten Useful and Free Networking Tools
Oct 13, 2009
Eric Geier shares 10 free and useful networking tools and utilities.
Supercharging Your Cheap Router with Enterprise Features
Oct 5, 2009
Did you know you can replace the firmware on your router? Eric Geier describes the highs and lows of aftermarket firmware projects.
Seven Troubleshooting Tips for Wireless N Networks
Oct 1, 2009
Are your wireless N connections not getting the speeds, performance, or range you hoped for? Eric Geier helps you get your money's worth.

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