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Turn an Old PC into a LAN Server with RouterOS, Part 2
Sep 28, 2009
Eric Geier concludes his two-part tutorial on getting a RouterOS machine up and running on a spare PC.
I/O Consolidation in the Data Center
Sep 23, 2009
This chapter explains the benefits and challenges of designing physical infrastructure to simultaneously carry multiple types of traffic.
IP Routing Use Cases
Sep 22, 2009
This chapter discusses the capabilities of the Cisco ASR 1000 series router family and then reviews how those strengths can be used to address relevant problems.
Turn an Old PC into a LAN Server with RouterOS, Part 1
Sep 21, 2009
Eric Geier shows you how to get an enterprise router at a fraction of the cost with the MikroTik RouterOS software that you can load onto an old PC.
Using Static IP Addresses on Your Network
Sep 14, 2009
Eric Geier helps you discover ways to convert from dynamic to static addresses on your network.
Setting Up FreeNAS for a Central File Server: Part 1
Aug 26, 2009
Eric Geier shows how to set up a NAS or network drive for free by using the open source FreeNAS program.
Green Data Center Design and Build Strategies
Aug 12, 2009
This chapter discusses methods for limiting the environmental impact that occurs during the construction of a Data Center.
Tips to Secure Your Small Business Wi-Fi Network
Jul 21, 2009
Eric Geier presents twelve critical tips to consider when securing a small business wireless network.
Tips to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network
Jul 10, 2009
Eric Geier points out important steps beyond encryption to secure your home Wi-Fi network.
Why IT Pros Need to Learn About IPv6 Security Now: An Interview with Scott Hogg and Eric Vyncke
Jul 4, 2009
Linda Leung talks with Scott Hogg and Eric Vyncke about IPv6 transition and security issues.
Cisco Network Academy Shines Bright in Alberta: An Interview with Scott Empson
Jul 1, 2009
Scott Empson discusses the value of the Cisco Networking Academy and other Cisco certifications.
Network Security Inside and Out: An Interview with Arvind Durai and Ray Blair
Jul 1, 2009
Arvind Durai and Ray Blair talk about the current landscape for enterprise security.
Paint Your Data Center Green: An Interview with Douglas Alger
Jul 1, 2009
Douglas Alger explains what it takes for businesses to green their data centers.
David Jansen talks data centers, Cisco Catalyst and EnergyWise
Jun 30, 2009
Linda Leung and David Jansen talk about the future of Cisco's Catalyst family, the different versions of IOS, and his own certifications.
How Apple's iPhone is Changing the Game Plan for Mobile Service Operators: An Interview with Mark Grayson and Kevin Shatzkamer
Jun 30, 2009
Linda Leung, Mark Grayson, and Kevin Shatzkamer discuss how mobile operators can implement all-IP networks, what enterprises and service providers can learn from each other, and how IPv6 affects the mobile world.
Troubleshooting Network Sharing Issues: Part 2
Jun 26, 2009
Eric Geier shows how to verify sharing and file permissions, access shares manually and how to reinstall networking gear to solve network sharing problems.
Cisco LAN Switching Configuration : Server Load Balancing (SLB)
By David Hucaby, Stephen McQuerry
Jun 24, 2009
This chapter covers the steps required to load balance traffic to one or more server farms and firewall farms, and also explains the steps needed to define probes that test server and firewall farm functionality.
Interconnecting Data Centers Using VPLS: Data Center Layer 2 Interconnect
Jun 24, 2009
This chapter provides an overview of high availability (HA) clusters, legacy deployment models for interconnecting data centers, and problems related to extending Layer 2 networks.
Offloading Traditional Mobile Networks with IP
Jun 23, 2009
This chapter discusses pseudowire transport mechanisms used to provide a bridge between the legacy TDM systems and All IP systems on mobile networks.
Troubleshooting Network Sharing Issues: Part 1
Jun 19, 2009
Eric Geier shows you how to refresh your networking gear and verify that the sharing, firewall, and router settings are correctly configured.

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