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The IT Career Builder's Toolkit, Chapter 6: Attitude


I was careful to point out in this chapter that Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) without a plan of action leads to frustration. Do not underestimate its effect, however. Regardless of work environment, coworkers, and challenging bosses – all of which you will experience – you are responsible for your attitude. Your attitude will be a separating factor in how you work and, as more important, how you are perceived at work.

If you start early on correcting your own attitude problems and continually work to bring an attitude of value to your work, soon you will find that attitude self-fulfilling. You will begin to expect opportunities and you will see them. You will personally expect value out of yourself and you will get it. To your peers and management, you will be viewed as a critical and healthy part of the team.

All this will lead, in time, to a healthier career.

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