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The IT Career Builder's Toolkit, Chapter 16: On-the-Job Promotion


Ultimately, your on-the-job promotion is dictated by identifying areas to make a true contribution—above and beyond simply doing your job—and your ability to recognize and deal with the egos and personalities at work. Adopting a solution mindset and getting along go hand in hand.

If, however, you work at a company that is not innovative, growth oriented, or rewarding in some fashion, you would do well to find other employment.

This goes back to what I've said about dealing with things as they are, not as you want them to be. Many people continue to work for a company that is in decline or simply does not have the opportunities they desire to take their career forward. Don't follow this pattern. Gainful employment means finding a company where your skills bring a value that is recognized and rewarded.

Discovering that you and the company where you work are not well matched is not something to cause concern. In fact, knowing this can go a long way in helping you identify those companies that are a better fit. It is better to identify this incompatibility early at a job rather than later. Knowledge allows you to take action, proactively building your ideal job, rather than waiting for some magical moment where your ideal job appears.

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