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The IT Career Builder's Toolkit, Chpater 23: Financial Control

The Impact of Finances on Career Building

This book is a career toolkit that is meant to help you achieve dynamic career success and growth by teaching you attitudes and techniques that you can use daily to enhance your value and your marketability.

If you've come this far, it's likely that you've learned a lot. You've learned how to better present yourself, how to better market yourself, and how to identify opportunities both at your current company and at the companies that you are approaching for work.

In addition, you've been introduced to ideas about telecommuting, consulting, and conceptual project development. These topics are directly related to your day-to-day operations as a technology professional.

Financial control is another type of topic tool entirely. It's not directly related to your work life or the effective application of your knowledge; however, it can play a significant role in your career-building efforts.

Finances, if handled properly, can help produce great career opportunities. Similarly, financial challenges can disrupt career growth and greatly reduce your ability to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

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