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Implementing Frame Mode MPLS

Chapter Description

This chapter covers configuring Cisco Express Forwarding, verifying CEF, troubleshooting CEF, configuring MPLS on a Frame Mode interface, and configuring MTU size in label switching.

Configuring MTU Size in Label Switching

Router(config)# interface fasthethernet 0/0

Moves to interface configuration mode

Router(config-if)# mpls mtu 1512

Changes the maximum size of an MPLS-labeled packet to 1512 bytes

NOTE: The mpls mtu command is an optional command when working with MPLS. But because of the addition of the label header, the MTU on LAN interfaces should be increased to prevent IP fragmentation.

NOTE: The minimum MTU is 64 bytes. The maximum MTU depends on the type of interface medium that is being used.

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