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Cisco VoIP Implementations

  • Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Cisco Press.
  • Date: Jan 1, 2008.

CME Auto Configuration Using the CLI

Winnipeg(config)# telephony-service setup

Enters CME auto-configuration mode.

Cisco IOS Telephony Services Setup:

Do you want to setup DHCP service for your IP Phones? [yes/no]: yes

Enter yes or no.

Configuring DHCP Pool for Cisco IOS Telephony Services:

    IP network for telephony-service DHCP


Enter DHCP pool network.

    Subnet mask for DHCP network :


Enter subnet mask.

    TFTP Server IP address (Option 150) :


Enter TFTP server address.

    Default Router for DHCP Pool :


Enter default router address.

Do you want to start telephony-service setup? [yes/no]: yes

Enter yes or no.

Configuring Cisco IOS Telephony Services:

Enter the IP source address for Cisco IOS Telephony Services :

Enter source address.

Enter the Skinny Port for Cisco IOS Telephony Services : [2000]:

Press Enter for default answer of 2000.

How many IP phones do you want to configure
:  [0]: 4


Enter number of phones to configure.

Do you want dual-line extensions assigned to phones? [yes/no]: yes

Answer yes or no.

What Language do you want on IP phones :
      0  English
      1  French
      2  German
      3  Russian
      4  Spanish
      5  Italian
      6  Dutch
      7  Norwegian
      8  Portuguese
      9  Danish
      10 Swedish
      11 Japanese
 [0]: 0


Choose the language on the phone.

  Which Call Progress tone set do you want on IP phones :
      0  United States
      1  France
      2  Germany
      3  Russia
      4  Spain
      5  Italy
      6  Netherlands
      7  Norway
      8  Portugal
      9  UK
      10  Denmark
      11  Switzerland
      12  Sweden
      13  Austria
      14  Canada
      15  Japan
 [0]: 0


Choose the call progress tone.

What is the first extension number you want to configure : 5001

Enter first number.

Do you have Direct-Inward-Dial service for all your phones? [yes/no]: no

Answer yes or no.

Do you want to forward calls to a voice message service? [yes/no]: no

Answer yes or no.

Do you wish to change any of the above information? [yes/no]: no

Answer yes or no.

Setup completed config

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