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Now What? First Steps into IT, 2008 Edition

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When asked for a recommendation on a current certification path for someone wanting to enter IT, Warren Wyrostek initially thought, "That is easy." But when he started to think about the most cost-effective certification, one that had merit, offered earning power, and provided career advancement, he had to pause and revisit the first steps one can take to begin a career in IT, 2008 style.

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The first steps I discussed in 2001 are not the best steps for those wanting to enter IT and land a good job in 2008. Things have changed. Certifications have changed, and the way employers look at certifications have also changed.

Based on those changes, I have offered my best recommendations for those wanting to enter IT through the current avenues. Each of the paths I have recommended is currently viable, has a good shelf life, and offers candidates potential vertical growth.

I have to conclude my recommendations with the following. The new certification program that I will detail in the next article is based on the recommendations in this article. So not only did I explain what was wrong with IT certification in the last article, and hopefully the fix in the next article, but also provide a gateway for someone who simply wants to test the waters and see whether IT is right for him/her. If it is, then the next article will flesh out where you could potentially go once you have taken the first steps.

My final thought concerning IT certifications and those wanting to take their first steps is this: The only thing that does not change is change. The certifications that get you in the door today will be the assumed fundamentals in five years. The wheel keeps turning, and those who survive IT will keep changing with it.

Stay tuned.

I look forward to your comments and e-mail. You can reach me at wyrostekw@msn.com or through http://www.3wscertification.com.