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An Integrated Certification Plan

Article Description

Are certifications a dying breed? They appear to be out of touch because of the problems with the current state of IT certification and the overwhelming confusion in the training and certification market. After more than 15 years in IT, Warren Wyrostek addresses the problem with his program called the Master of Integrated Networking. He discusses why this program could breathe new life into the certification market and satisfy a lot of the current problems and shortfalls in the current strategy.

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The proposed audience for this program is any network administrator, network engineer, systems engineer, career changer, or degree candidate who wants to actively be engaged in an integrated enterprise network environment. It is designed to validate not only a student’s cognitive understanding of such an environment but also to affirm their skills through hands-on high-order tasks.

Students who complete this program successfully will be able to validate to employers and HR folks their competence to skillfully manage an integrated production network through the Master of Integrated Networking certificate/degree. Those who successfully complete this program and course will definitely be a step above those who are labeled vendor-based "paper certs."

Students who enroll in the final course as part of the degree program will, upon successful completion, not only earn their degree but also several major vendor certifications and the Master of Integrated Networking certificate.

Program Prerequisites

Prior to being admitted to this program, students will be required to meet two prerequisites:

  • CompTIA’s A+ Certificate or equivalent knowledge
  • CompTIA’s Network+ Certificate or equivalent knowledge

Equivalent knowledge can be tested either through a face-to-face question and answer examination or through a computer-based cognitive exam that will test cognitive knowledge of a published set of objectives. This test will be offered by the educational or training provider.

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