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An Integrated Certification Plan

Article Description

Are certifications a dying breed? They appear to be out of touch because of the problems with the current state of IT certification and the overwhelming confusion in the training and certification market. After more than 15 years in IT, Warren Wyrostek addresses the problem with his program called the Master of Integrated Networking. He discusses why this program could breathe new life into the certification market and satisfy a lot of the current problems and shortfalls in the current strategy.

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What Happens Now?

  1. Since this is my baby, I am actively promoting it with as many people who will listen as I can. In response, I am listening to everyone’s feedback and suggestions, hoping to make this program the best IT credentialing program on the planet.
  2. I am also in touch with several publishers and senior universities and working toward getting the final course published with a company that has an excellent marketing strategy and will buy in with the same enthusiasm that I have. I just want it to meet the needs of the IT community and those who work in that growing and changing community.
  3. Then I will watch it happen. Work with training centers and educational centers to generate enthusiasm and spread the word. Adapt it based on the suggestions of those who will seriously consider it.

What Do I Want from You, the Reader?

Feedback. Honest and open feedback. I don’t want the ranting and raving that sometimes occurs in reaction to an IT column or article. Instead, I want your opinions about whether you would buy in, or not buy in (why or why not).

Based on your comments, updates as the program grows will be posted on http://www.3wscertification.com.

Feel free to share your comments with me at wyrostekw@msn.com. Thanks very much for considering this new innovative IT integrated certification Plan.