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Network Integration and Interception

Chapter Description

This chapter provides an in-depth review of the network integration and interception capabilities of Cisco WAAS.


This chapter provided a detailed examination of the various methods for integrating WAAS into the network infrastructure. The chapter reviewed the various techniques for physical connectivity, including options for increased interface bandwidth and high availability. The chapter also previewed the network interception techniques that are used to transparently redirect traffic to the WAAS infrastructure for optimization. Particular focus was given to WCCPv2 and inline interception, which are the two most common interception methods. The interception method you choose is a site-local decision. For example, you can use WCCPv2 at some locations and inline at other locations. Finally, the chapter discussed the different egress methods available in WAAS, which provide control over how traffic on intercepted connections is reinserted into the network after redirection to a WAE. You should now have a good feel for the flexibility of the WAAS solution when it comes to network integration. The techniques available allow Cisco WAAS to integrate into network infrastructures of any size and complexity. The next chapter begins to put these various techniques to use, as you look at specific deployment models for the branch office environment.