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CCNA Wireless Exam Guide: Wireless Traffic Flow and AP Discovery


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Chapter Description

Brandon James Carroll covers Wireless Frame Transmission, Wireless Frame Headers, Frame Types, and looks at a wireless connection in preparation for CCNA exam 640-721.

Exam Preparation Tasks

Review All the Key Concepts

Review the most important topics from this chapter, noted with the Key Topics icon in the outer margin of the page. Table 7-3 lists a reference of these key topics and the page number where you can find each one.

Table 7-3. Key Topics for Chapter 7

Key Topic Item


Page Number

Figure 7-1

Sending a frame: part 1


Figure 7-2

Sending a frame: part 2


Figure 7-3

Wireless frame capture


Table 7-2

Frame types table


Figure 7-4

Management frame capture


Figure 7-6

Beacon frame details


Figure 7-8

Authentication and association


Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory

Print a copy of Appendix B, “Memory Tables,” (found on the CD) or at least the section for this chapter, and complete the tables and lists from memory. Appendix C, “Memory Tables Answer Key,” also on the CD, includes completed tables and lists to check your work.

Definition of Key Terms

Define the following key terms from this chapter, and check your answers in the Glossary:

management frames, control frames, data frames, CSMA/CA, CCA, hidden node problem, virtual carrier sense, IFS, SIFS, DIFS, ACK, backoff timer, NAV, slottime, contention window, DCF, PCF, SA, RA, TA, DA, MTU, beacon, probe request, probe response, authentication request, authentication response, association request, association response, TIM, ATIM, passive scan, active scan, deauthentication message, deauthentication response, disassociation message, disassociation response, null function frame, PS-Poll