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Tips to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

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Going wireless at home allows us freedom, but it also opens up more possibilities of allowing uninvited users like our neighbors or hackers. Eric Geier, author of Wi-Fi Hotspots: Setting Up Public Wireless Internet Access, points out important steps beyond encryption to secure your home Wi-Fi network.
Use Strong Encryption Keys

Use Strong Encryption Keys

Simply enabling encryption is a huge step toward making your Wi-Fi network safe. However, you can make it even more secure if you create and use a strong encryption passphrase/key. For WPA passphrases, this means using both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation (any ASCII character), up to 63 characters long. For example, f8!U&1:C>0x;5i*wU2^bQ9(dJ4f#9v is tremendously more secure than using mynetpass for the passphrase.

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