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Setting Up FreeNAS for a Central File Server, Part 2

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In the first article of this two-part series, you discovered FreeNAS, which can help you centralize, secure, and share the files on your network. Eric Geier, author of Wi-Fi Hotspots: Setting Up Public Wireless Internet Access, shows more: logging on to the web GUI; setting up drives; and configuring the sharing protocols of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
We're Done, but There's More

We're Done, but There's More

Starting in Part I, you discovered how FreeNAS can help centralize your file sharing using a variety of protocols. We also built our FreeNAS machine and got it working on the network.

Then in this part, you discovered how to access the web GUI and performed the initial configuration.

After setting up the disks, we also configured the popular sharing protocols.

Now you can experiment with the other services. Maybe look into RSYNC for fast incremental file transfers or backups, the Webserver to host a password-protected site, or the iTunes/DAAP server for your iPods.

If you ever need help, you can reference the FreeNAS Setup and User Guide, review the FAQ, or ask questions on the forum.