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Turn an Old PC into a LAN Server with RouterOS, Part 1

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Want an enterprise router for your network at a fraction of the cost of a Cisco router? Connect your offices together, remotely access files, run enterprise Wi-Fi encryption, and more. Eric Geier, author of Wi-Fi Hotspots: Setting Up Public Wireless Internet Access, shows you how to get started with the MikroTik RouterOS software that you can load onto an old PC.
Moving to the WinBox Configuration Utility

Moving to the WinBox Configuration Utility

Now that you have an IP for the RouterOS machine, you can use the WinBox program to configure the settings rather than using the command line. Though it's a very simple program, it provides much quicker access to settings. The menus and settings are organized very similarly to the console interface.

Plug a computer into the Ethernet adapter you've designated for the local network. Then before you can make a remote connection to RouterOS, you must configure the computer's network card with a static IP that's within range of the IP address you created for RouterOS. For example, you can use if the router IP is

Now to connect, open WinBox, type in the IP you created for RouterOS, input the login credentials, and hit Connect.

Stay Tuned

In the next part, we'll finish configuring the router so users can start connecting to the Internet.