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Ten Useful and Free Networking Tools

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Eric Geier, author of Wi-Fi Hotspots: Setting Up Public Wireless Internet Access, shares 10 free networking tools and utilities. From stumblers to help you detect nearby networks, sniffers to see the data, and replacement firmware projects to supercharge your network, you ought to find at least some of some of the tools discussed here useful for your situation.
6. NetSetMan: To Manage Your Network Settings

6. NetSetMan: To Manage Your Network Settings

NetSetMan is quite helpful if you use multiple networks. It lets you save up to six different sets of profiles, loaded with many network settings.

Then when you connect to different networks, you can easily switch between your profiles and NetSetMan will automatically apply your desired settings.

If your work uses static IP addresses, for example, you can set up a static IP for your work profile along with any DNS, Workgroup, or other settings.

Then you can have another profile for when you connect to your home network, set to get your IP automatically, a different PC name, workgroup, and other settings.

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