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Getting Owned: The USB Keystroke Injection Attack

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What do you call a USB-based device that can bypass all AV and autorun policies? Although most would consider it a perfect mischievous attack vector, Hyundai has used it as a tool to build customer loyalty. This leaves Seth Fogie wondering: Are people planning to use this technology maliciously?


In summary, Hyundai has employed a very creative method of advertising that is unique and solves many of the problems associated with digital marketing.

While the ingenuity of the USB keyboard emulator is notable, from a security perspective it is a bit concerning. Security-minded businesses go to great efforts to prevent USB-based attacks by disabling autorun and U3 types of attack vectors, which this device cleverly bypasses.

Hyundai has indeed provided an ownership experience, one that hopefully won't be abused by malicious hackers who could replace the code with something a bit more malicious.