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CCNP Voice CIPT1 642-447 Quick Reference: Single-Site On-Net Calling


  1. Endpoints
  2. IP Phones

Chapter Description

To aid in your CCNP 642-447 exam preparation, this chapter covers the configuration of CUCM for the support of on-cluster calling.

IP Phones

This section guides you through implementing SCCP and SIP phones in CMCM.

Endpoint Configuration Tools

Following are four main ways to add IP Phones to CUCM:

  • Autoregistration
  • CUCM Bulk Administration Tool (BAT)
  • CUCM Auto-Register Phone Tool (commonly referred to as TAPS)
  • Manual configuration

Phone Network Time Protocol Reference

A phone Network Time Protocol (NTP) reference can be configured in CUCM to ensure SIP phones receive accurate time and date information from an NTP server.

Date and Time Group

The date and time group defines the following:

  • Time zone
  • Date format
  • Time format
  • NTP reference

Device Pool Configuration

A device pool is associated to each device and defines various device settings. The following parameters are required:

  • CM group
  • Date/Time group
  • Region
  • Softkey template
  • SRST reference

To create the device pool, use System > Device Pool. Then click the Add New button.

CM Groups

A CUCM group is a prioritized list of CUCMs, This list determines which phone attempts to register to. If the first CUCM in the list is unreachable, the device attempts to register to the second CUCM in the list. A maximum of three CUCMs are configurable per group.