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Effective BGP Policy Control

Chapter Description

Micah Bartell and Randy Zhang explore the various aspects of BGP policy control, including Policy control techniques, Conditional advertisement, Aggregation and deaggregation, Local AS, QoS policy propagation, and BGP policy accounting.


This chapter presented various techniques you can use to create complex and effective BGP policies. The chapter started with one of the fundamental techniques, regular expressions. Regular expressions are used extensively in IOS for pattern matching in parsing command outputs and in defining AS_PATH and community patterns.

A variety of filtering tools also were discussed. They include prefix lists, community lists, AS_PATH lists, route maps, and policy lists, all of which are used extensively in creating BGP policies. Additionally, more-complex policy tools were presented, including conditional advertisement, aggregation, deaggregation, Local AS, QoS policy propagation, and policy accounting. The chapter ended with a case study on AS merging using the Local AS feature.