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Haven't We Been Here Before? A Case for IP Telephony

Chapter Description

Integrating voice and data into a single platform is not a new idea. In this sample chapter, Kevin Brown explains why a PBX, despite its high reliability, is not a solution for convergence. He also examines what makes IPT different from earlier approaches to convergence, and discusses application development as the key to successful IPT deployment.

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IP Telephony Unveiled

IP Telephony Unveiled


Issues to Ponder

If convergence is about change, how is an IP telephony deployment going to change the way you conduct business? Change is often viewed from a negative perspective, but what if IP telephony could introduce positive change into your organization? How can IPT change the profitability of a business unit? How can it enhance customer satisfaction? How can you open new models of revenue generation with this technology? Isn't it true that the reason organizations deploy new technologies is to drive new efficiencies, which lead to business impact in critical areas? More than anything else, that is the goal of IP telephony.

As an enabler to a change strategy in your organization, this technology can drive new business productivity, change your profitability model, enhance existing business processes_ or it can be a new telephone system. An organization's view of IPT will absolutely enhance, or limit, its impact on that organization.