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CCIE Security Practice Labs

Section 3.0: ISDN Configuration (8 points)

3.1: Basic ISDN (4 points)

  1. Configure ISDN on R1 and R3. Use network Advertise this network in OSPF area0.

  2. ISDN information:

    BRI number on R3 is 99281766
    BRI number on R1 is 99281764
    Switch-type = basic-ts013
  3. Configure redundancy such that if there is a change in backbone database on R3, BRI comes up and all traffic continues normally.

3.2: PPP Callback (4 points)

  1. R1 should call back R3 using Tacacs+. Configure static NAT translation on PIX for AAA server behind R6 to achieve this task, as shown in topology diagram Figure 1-1.

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