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CCNA Self-Study: Network Media (The Physical Layer)

Chapter Description

To determine what transmission media is right for particular networking enviornment you must consider organization's required throughput, cabling distance, noise resistance, security, flexibility and plans for growth.In this article Steve McQuerry highlights the concepts and procedures for assembling and cabling Cisco routers.

Understanding WAN Cabling Section Review

Use these practice questions to review what you learned in this section.

  1. Which of the following is not a physical WAN implementation?

    1. DSL

    2. ISDN

    3. Frame Relay

    4. Gigabit Ethernet

  2. What type of data transmission method is used by a WAN?

    1. Parallel

    2. Serial

    3. Single

    4. Multimode

  3. Which of the following media interconnects the ISDN BRI port to the service provider device?

    1. UTP straight-through

    2. UTP crossover

    3. Coaxial

    4. Fiber-optic

  4. What type of connector is used for DSL connection?

    1. RJ-45

    2. RJ-11

    3. BNC

    4. DB-9

  5. What type of connector connects a router and cable system?

    1. RJ-45

    2. RJ-11

    3. F-Type

    4. AUI

  6. What type of cable connects a terminal and a console port?

    1. Straight-through

    2. Rollover

    3. Crossover

    4. Coaxial

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