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Implementing Cisco Unified Communications: Introducing Dial Plans


  1. Numbering Plan Fundamentals
  2. Dial Plan Components
  3. Summary
  4. Chapter Review Questions

Chapter Description

Whether you are implementing single-site or multisite deployments, having a thorough understanding of dial plans and the knowledge of how to implement them on Cisco IOS gateways is essential for any engineer who designs and implements a Cisco Unified Communications network. This chapter describes the characteristics of a dial plan and associated components.

Chapter Review Questions

The answers to these review questions are in the appendix.

  1. Which dial plan component is responsible for choosing the appropriate path for a call?

    1. Endpoint addressing
    2. Call routing and path selection
    3. Call coverage and path selection
    4. Calling privileges
  2. What is the dial plan component called endpoint addressing responsible for assigning to the endpoints?

    1. IP addresses
    2. E.164 addresses
    3. Gateways
    4. Directory numbers
  3. Which option implements call routing and path selection on Cisco IOS gateways?

    1. Call-routing tables
    2. Dialer maps
    3. Dial peers
    4. Route patterns
  4. What is one way to implement call coverage?

    1. COR
    2. Pilot numbers
    3. Digit manipulation
    4. Endpoint addressing
  5. Which of the following are characteristics of a scalable dial plan? (Choose three.)

    1. Backup paths
    2. Full digit manipulation
    3. Hierarchical numbering plan
    4. Dial plan logic distribution
    5. Granularity
    6. High availability
  6. Which of the following options are key requirements for a PSTN dial plan? (Choose three.)

    1. Internal call routing
    2. Inbound call routing
    3. Outbound call routing
    4. Correct PSTN ANI presentation
    5. Internet call routing
  7. What might some ISDN networks and PBXs expect along with a certain numbering plan for both DNIS and ANI?

    1. ToS
    2. TON
    3. QoS
    4. CoS
  8. Which command should be used to display information for all voice dial peers?

    1. show dial-peer voice summary
    2. show dial-peer voice all
    3. show dial-peer summary
    4. show dial-peer all
  9. Which function best describes a numbering plan?

    1. Determines routes between source and destination
    2. Defines a telephone number of a voice endpoint or application
    3. Performs digit manipulation when sending calls to the PSTN
    4. Performs least-cost routing for VoIP calls
  10. Which worldwide prefix scheme was developed by the ITU to standardize numbering plans?

    1. E.164
    2. G.114
    3. G.164
    4. E.114