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Securing a Web App at the Last Minute

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While consumers and the media are increasingly aware of the risks to confidential information over web apps, firms still tend to focus on development, leaving data security until just before the go-live date. Ajay Gupta points out that last-minute steps are available to improve the security of your apps before launching them onto the Internet.


Those of us in the cyber security community strongly counsel for the inclusion of security considerations throughout the product and application development lifecycle; for instance, by adopting secure coding practices. Despite such good advice, many firms ignore security issues until the last minute. Sometimes we end up assisting these firms in securing their applications—or attempting to do so, at least—late in the product's development lifecycle. Even when under the restrictions imposed by going live soon, we can still take steps to ensure the security of the web application. Using a case study, this article illustrates some last-minute steps that are available to improve security measures, even at the eleventh hour.

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