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General Design Considerations for Secure Networks

Chapter Description

At the beginning of any secure network design project, many best practices apply more or less uniformly to all areas of the design. This article by Sean Convery presents these practices in a single location.


This chapter presents a lot of information on best practices, covering everything from physical security to DoS design considerations. Many of the best practices are not implemented on special-purpose security gear but rather on the networking gear you probably already have in place. In Chapter 4, you saw how special-purpose security technology could impact the threats discussed in Chapter 3. In Chapter 5, you learned hardening practices for network elements and hosts. At this point, it is appropriate to revisit the table at the end of Chapter 4 that shows the threats and the technologies that help detect or stop them. Table 6-1 shows this information again with the technology and techniques from Chapters 5 and 6 integrated.

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