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CCDA DESGN 640-864: Designing Remote Connectivity

Chapter Description

This chapter discusses wide-area network technologies and design and includes sections covering Identifying WAN Technology Considerations, Designing the Enterprise WAN, and Designing the Enterprise Branch.

Review Questions

Answer the following questions, and then refer to Appendix A for the answers.

  1. What is the definition of a WAN?

  2. Which of the WAN transport technologies reserves a point-to-point connection bandwidth indefinitely for transmissions?

  3. Which device is used to provide ADSL line termination?

  4. Which of SONET's optical carrier rates provides 622.08 Mbps?

  5. Which feature is able to classify packets based on matching fields at the application layer?

  6. Which WAN topology includes a single central hub with remote networks directly connected back to the central location?

  7. Which Cisco IOS Software technology provides an easy, dynamic, and scalable IPsec and GRE VPN solution?

  8. Which Layer 3 VPN technology leverages the Border Gateway Protocol to distribute VPN-related information?

  9. Which service provider VPN technology presents itself as an Ethernet interface to customers and allows several remote sites to appear as if they are on the same LAN?

  10. Which Cisco Enterprise MAN and WAN technology provides a comprehensive WAN optimization solution that accelerates applications over the WAN?