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Connecting Non-802.1X Devices to an Enterprise Network

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Using 802.1X authentication with WPA2-Enterprise offers the greatest Wi-Fi security possible today. Whether you're an administrator or just a user of a Wi-Fi network secured with WPA/WPA2-Enterprise, you can learn from Eric Geier how to get non-802.1X computers and devices onto your network.
Add Additional APs

Add Additional APs

If you're an administrator or user, you could consider adding additional access points to the network configured with the Personal (PSK) mode of WPA or WPA2 security. Thus at least non–802.1X devices that support WPA/WPA2-Personal can connect.

Again, this lessens the overall security of the network. However, if the access point and your switches support VLANs, you may be able to assign users connecting through this less-secure access point to segregated VLAN.

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