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Wireless Security

Chapter Description

Tom M. Thomas explains the basics of setting up security for a wireless network. He warns technicians of the various ways in which a wireless network can be breached, and provides help in protecting against those attacks.

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Network Security First-Step

Network Security First-Step


Chapter Summary

This chapter has hopefully shed some light on the technology that drives wireless and the first steps for beginning to secure a wireless network. There are a variety of areas surrounding wireless that you should be concerned about; however, there are clear, layered steps that can be applied to secure a wireless network with minimal impact to users. Of utmost importance are the steps you take today to increase security that will not hamper or affect the security of your wireless network. The chapter concluded with a discussion of the freely available tools relating to attacking and securing wireless networks. Attackers commonly use these tools; more importantly, however, those who are looking to find flaws in their wireless network security should use them to patch them up and prevent easy attacks.

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