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Wireless Security

Chapter Description

Tom M. Thomas explains the basics of setting up security for a wireless network. He warns technicians of the various ways in which a wireless network can be breached, and provides help in protecting against those attacks.

From the Book

Network Security First-Step

Network Security First-Step


Chapter Review Questions

  1. How are the terms 802.11 and Wi-Fi used? In what ways are they different or similar?

  2. What are the five benefits to organizations that would provide reasons for them to implement a wireless network?

  3. WarDriving is the most common means of searching for wireless networks. What is needed to conduct a WarDrive, and why is it so useful for attackers?

  4. What is one type of freely available wireless packet sniffers?

  5. Are wireless networks vulnerable to the same types of denial of service attacks as wired network? Are they vulnerable to any additional attacks that wired networks are not?

  6. What are the four types of EAP available for use?