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CCNP Security Firewall Cert Guide: Configuring ASA Interfaces

Chapter Description

This chapter covers the following topics from the 642-618 exam objectives: Configuring Physical Interfaces, Configuring VLAN Interfaces, Configuring Interface Security Parameters, Configuring the Interface MTU, and Verifying Interface Operation.

Foundation Topics

Every ASA has one or more interfaces that can be used to connect to some other part of the network so that traffic can be inspected and controlled. ASA interfaces can be physical, where actual network media cables connect, or logical, where the interfaces exist internally and are passed to the network over a physical link. In this chapter, you learn how to configure both types of interfaces for connectivity and IP addressing.

In addition, to pass and inspect traffic, each interface must be configured with the following three security attributes:

  • Interface name
  • IP address and subnet mask
  • Security level

You learn how to configure the security parameters in the section, “Configuring Interface Security Parameters.”

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