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Designing Networks and Services in the Cloud

Chapter Description

This chapter explores the role of the network in enabling the success of business-grade cloud services - moving to the cloud and encouraging the adoption of cloud services by enterprises as well as monetizing those network investments.

Review Questions

You can find answers to these questions in Appendix A, “Answers to Review Questions.”

  1. What are the enterprise’s areas of concerns about migrating to the cloud that the network helps to address?

    1. Compliance
    2. Security
    3. SLA
    4. All of the above
  2. How can cloud providers better monetize their network investments?

    1. Offer advanced network services through a service catalog
    2. Protect network assets by not exposing their services to tenants
    3. Offer basic network connectivity for VMs
    4. Embed network services inside orchestrator
  3. Which of the following is an open source cloud platform offering networking as a service?

    1. OpenFlow
    2. Amazon EC2
    3. OpenStack
    4. OpenOffice
  4. Which of the following are key areas of evolution for networks in the cloud?

    1. Automation/API
    2. Flexible Multitenancy
    3. Location independence
    4. All of the above
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