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Exploring the Modern Computer Network: Types, Functions, and Hardware

Chapter Description

This chapter focuses on networking as a primary platform for supporting communication. It describes types of networks, how they are used, and the type of hardware that runs them.

Check Your Understanding

Complete all the review questions listed here to test your understanding of the topics and concepts in this chapter. The appendix, “Answers to the ‘Check Your Understanding’ Questions,” lists the answers.

  1. Which of the following is an example of QoS?

    1. Data arrives via different physical media.
    2. Intermediate devices deliver all packets along the same physical route.
    3. Different types of traffic are delivered according to planned priority.
    4. An intermediate device fails and traffic is rerouted and delivered reliably.
  2. Fill in the blanks of the sentence with the best terms from the following list (not all of which will be used): fault tolerance, security, QoS, data integrity, and scalability.

    The network designer for the small bank needed to plan for the network to double in size over 5 years, requiring her to allow for ____. Of course, all information needed to be kept confidential and safe, so she incorporated __ into the design. She accounted for ___ when she ensured packets arrived with minimal loss or delay, and accounted for ___ by making sure the network would recover quickly if there was a hardware failure.

  3. Which type of communications allows for dynamic routing over multiple paths and adaptation to failures in a network?

    1. Circuit switching
    2. QoS
    3. Leased fiber lines for packet delivery
    4. Packet-switched, connectionless data communications
  4. Employees of an insurance company accessing company data on restricted local-area and wide-area networks is an example of using a(n)

    1. Internet
    2. Extranet
    3. Intranet
    4. BYOD nets
  5. An organization that allows employees to use their own tablets and notebook computers in a secure environment has implemented which type of network?

    1. WAN
    2. BYOD
    3. QoS
    4. Intranet
  6. A group of movie critics posting a recording of their weekly radio show about movies is an example of

    1. Podcasting
    2. Webhosting
    3. Blogging
    4. A wiki
  7. When instructors provide common space on a computer to create and share documents they can access on their mobile devices or desktops, they are using:

    1. Podcasts
    2. Instant messaging
    3. Social media
    4. Collaboration tools
  8. The complexity of a message can affect successful communication across a network. The level of complexity in a message is considered a(n):

    1. Switching factor
    2. External factor
    3. Internal factor
    4. Routing factor
  9. Which of the following describes a converged network?

    1. A network that enables people in different countries to work together in the cloud
    2. A network that allows songs and videos to be shared peer to peer
    3. A network that carries voice, video, and data traffic at the same time
    4. A network that allows secure access to the Internet from inside a firewall
  10. A system that allows communications between local networks around the world is a/the

    1. BYOD
    2. Internet
    3. LANs
    4. SAN
  11. Which of the following is an intermediary device?

    1. Router
    2. Hand-held device
    3. Security camera
    4. Laptop
  12. A group of computers connected to store data is which type of network?

    1. LAN
    2. SAN
    3. BYOD
    4. WAN
  13. What is the function of a WLAN?

    1. Wireless connection in a small geographical area
    2. Wired connections in a local-area network
    3. Worldwide communications between local-area networks
    4. Wireless communications across the Internet
  14. If there are two DSL customers with consistent line quality, which will have the faster connection speed?

    1. The one closest to the cable company
    2. They will have the same connection speed
    3. The one closest to the central office
    4. The one whose cable modem is on the last mile
  15. Which items can be associated with network availability? (Choose three.)

    1. Firewall devices
    2. Antivirus software
    3. Collaboration software
    4. Redundant devices