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Introduction to Networks: Exploring the Network

Chapter Description

This chapter explores the purpose, function, technology, and implications of modern networking technology in home and enterprise environments.


Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How do networks affect the way we interact, learn, work and play?
  • How do networks support communication?
  • What is a converged network?
  • What are the four basic requirements of a reliable network?
  • What are the uses of various network devices?
  • How do the devices and topologies found in a LAN compare to those found in a WAN?
  • What is the basic structure of the Internet?
  • How do LANs and WANs connect to the Internet?
  • What impact do BYOD, online collaboration, video, and cloud computing have on a business network?
  • How are networking technologies changing the home environment?
  • What are some basic security threats and solutions to both small and large networks?
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