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Cisco Networking Academy's Introduction to Routing Dynamically

Chapter Description

This chapter explains multiple routing protocols (particularly dynamic routing protocols) and describes their relative strengths and weaknesses. It also shows how to read a routing table easily and interpret the IPv6 routing information listed within it.

From the Book

Routing Protocols Companion Guide

Routing Protocols Companion Guide

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The following activities provide practice with the topics introduced in this chapter. The Labs and Class Activities are available in the companion Routing Protocols Lab Manual (978-1-58713-322-0). The Packet Tracer Activities PKA files are found in the online course.

Class Activities

  • Class Activity How Much Does This Cost?
  • Class Activity IPv6 Details, Details...


  • Lab Configuring RIPv2

Packet Tracer Activities

  • Packet Tracer Activity Investigating Convergence
  • Packet Tracer Activity Comparing RIP and EIGRP Path Selection
  • Packet Tracer Activity Configuring RIPv2
  • Packet Tracer Activity Configuring RIPng
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