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Learn and Earn: Cisco Certified Network Professional

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What's the best route to your Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert credential? (Never mind the pun.) If you've earned your CCNA, it's time to keep the momentum going and obtain your Cisco Certified Network Professional. It's back-to-school time!

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Exam 640-505 Remote Access

The Remote Access exam covers beginning Remote Access topics such as identifying Cisco products available to the more advanced topics such as secure dial-up between sites. In-between, you'll find questions on Cisco products for remote connections, including dial-up and WAN issues. Another objective covers the physical process of assembling and cabling the WAN components—which means you need hands-on experience to pass this section.

The Remote Access exam will challenge you on configuring asynchronous connections to a central site with modems. You need to know how to configure a central site with modems for dial-up users. You also need to know how to configure the server for dial-out access via the modems.

When we discuss dial-up access, we must also consider the level of security configured. How will users be authenticated? PAP? CHAP? You need to know both. Included with the security objective is the ability to configure multilink PPP for increase throughput—and the obstacles you'll encounter.

Other objectives include ISDN, DDR, X.25, Frame Relay, backup lines, queuing and compression, NAT, and AAA. If you're thinking that this exam covers much and could be a tough one, you're right.

The Cisco course for this exam is Building Cisco Remote Access Networks.

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