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Certification - A Look into the Future

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To stay in touch with their fast-changing world, IT certifications will have to adopt an open-platform approach and require ongoing recertification. This article from Certification Magazine looks at what's to come.

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Up-to-Date Skills

As mentioned previously, the emergence of the Internet means that technology changes at an incredible speed. Companies that have provided certifications in the past haven't worried too much about keeping its individuals accountable for those changes. This is changing as we head into the new millennium. Keeping skills up-to-date is becoming increasingly important in the future of certification.

To remain credible over the long term, certification programs must incorporate a manageable way for candidates to update their skills and demonstrate the currency of their expertise.

"Certification programs that require participants to recertify each year to keep the certification current and valid are unique in the industry," Hajj said. "In order to keep up with the ever-changing face of technology, certification training needs to be dynamic and current, too."

This can be illustrated with a simple example of how information is accessed today. Just two years ago, many families were still making late-night trips to the library or other reference centers for research about a particular topic. But now, a considerable amount of research for those same families is done using the Internet. Books and magazines are no longer referenced in a report, but Web sites and URLs are.

The technological sector is much more complex than a simple trip to the library, and the change that has taken place in just two years is also more dramatic. Individuals have to keep their skills current to know the best way to handle a technical situation. By requiring and demonstrating that candidates keep their skills up-to-date, certification is providing another differentiator that resellers can use as reassurance for their clients that they will provide the best solution.

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