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Configuring the Cisco PIX Firewall for CA Site-to-Site

Chapter Description

This sample chapter explains how to configure Cisco Secure PIX Firewall certificate authority (CA) support for Internet Protocol Security (IPSec). After presenting an overview of the configuration process, the chapter shows you each major step of the configuration, including support tasks, IKE, and IPSec.


This chapter provided detailed information on how to configure a Cisco Secure PIX Firewall to use a CA for IPSec VPNs. It started by looking at the tasks involved in configuring CA support for IPSec encryption. Many of these tasks were the same as in Chapter 6, which covers preshared key support for Cisco PIX-based VPNs. This chapter also provided an overview of CAs and their related technologies. Following this overview, the chapter looked at the configuration steps involved in configuring CA support for a Cisco IOS router. After the CA was configured, the chapter continued with the rest of the IPSec configuration tasks until the VPN was established.

Now that you have configured both preshared keys and CA support on Cisco PIX Firewalls, Chapter 8, "Troubleshooting Cisco PIX Firewall VPNs," looks at the troubleshooting tools that are available for Cisco PIX-based IPSec VPNs.

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