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Cisco PIX: Advanced Features and Attack Guards

Chapter Description

This sample chapter from Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls introduces the concepts and configuration elements of the Cisco Secure PIX Firewall features necessary to securely handle multichannel TCP applications. You will learn about advanced protocol handling, multimedia support, and attack guards.

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Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls

Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls


Review Questions

To test what you have learned in this chapter, answer the following questions and then refer to Appendix F for the answers.

1. How does a fixup protocol command know when to open a conduit for an inbound connection?

2. My UNIX administrator has asked me to allow rsh access through the PIX Firewall to administer servers from home. Is this a good idea?

3. If the fixup protocol rtsp 554 is disabled by default, why are my users able to view content?

4. I'm planning to install a PIX Firewall, but I've heard that the MailGuard feature is incompatible with Microsoft Exchange Server. What can be done to overcome this?